EG Dir-Tex Extreme  


Anti-abrasion carbon rubber with hidden EVA foam insert for cushioned support.
Men's 41-46
45-0762 Grey/Black (Oily Nubuck Leather/Rubber)
45-0763 Chocolate (Oily Nubuck Leather/Rubber)
45-0764 Anthracite (Oily Nubuck Leather/Rubber)
EG Dri-Tex Lining:
WATERPROOF: Feet stay dry even under extreme conditions.
BREATHABLE: Feet stay dry and comfortable on the inside.
BUILD-IN CONSTRUCTION: Shoes conform to feet for superior fit and comfort.
NO PORES: Not affacted by salt, oil or dirt.
Thinsulate Thermal Insulation:
A unique micro fibre developed by 3M, Thinsulate has more surface area to trap warm air, insulating better than other high loft insulations including down. Less bulky making it ideal for use in boots.
Temperature Rating:
For use in cold conditions down to temperature of -40C.
Anatomically designed removable inner sole.

High quality water resistant and durable leather with seam sealed stitching.

  2003 Sprandi